XXth century

The Sauvegarde de l'Art Français (Conservation of French Art) association intervened in 1925 thanks to the Marquise de Maillé and eventually purchased the church and then part of the prior's house. They were quickly classified historic monuments. Ronsard’s tomb was rediscovered and his remains were studied in 1933. The first museum dedicated to the poet opened in his home.

In May and June 1944, the priory was a victim of heavy Allied bombing targeting the nearby railway bridge. The sub-priory, infirmary, hostelry, entrance porch and the refectory - largely restored in 1947 - were heavily damaged.

In 1951, the priory became property of Indre-et-Loire and reopened to the public thanks to a donation made by the Sauvegarde de l'Art Français. The new Amis de Ronsard et du prieuré (Friends of Ronsard and the Priory) association was founded and worked to revive the area. Rose gardens were planted during the 1980s.