Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, Saint Cosme Priory’s educational portfolio includes themed guided tours and workshops (in French). This portfolio can be adapted to your plans, and the site’s team is at your disposal to help programme a full or half day of activities suited to your needs. The diversity of approaches (heritage, its preservation, medieval and modern history, literature, botany, sustainable development, etc.) offers students and faculty an open, creative time that is different and complementary to classroom learning.

For any school trips, you will need to reserve in advance, preferably by sending an email to demeureronsard[@]departement-touraine.fr. Educational materials are available on request. For any further information or clarification: +33 (0)2 47 37 32 70


Self-guided tours

Designed to accompany your class during their tours of the Priory, this booklet allows small groups of students to explore Ronsard’s world. Ronsard’s servant Corydon provides some clues in the booklet to help them get their bearings and explore the site in greater depth.

Estimated length: 2 hrs

Level: Middle school


“Artisans des mots” workshop

Divided into teams, students become imaginary members of La Pléiade to enrich the French language with new words by setting challenges for themselves. Like Ronsard, they invent words and make up new definitions. A playful and lively approach to French and its evolution over the centuries. 

90 min session

Levels: Primary and middle school

“Éveil à l’écriture” workshop

Immersed in the timeless setting of the Priory, students are invited to play observational and language games that help them to remember words lying dormant in their minds. They create short free-form texts inspired by the site or by details of paintings or engravings from the 16th century. At the end of the session, some students may read their writing out loud, or even record it to be broadcast on the Internet!

2½ hr session in half-groups, to build based on your teaching plans

“Poésure et peintrie : réalise ton livre d’artiste !” workshop

Divided into pairs, students choose and copy out a poem from a corpus of texts by Ronsard, using quill and ink. Inspired by the artists’ books in the library, they design a page layout for the text on a sheet of paper and how it interacts with a visual creation that they make out of various materials provided to them.

2½ hr session in half-groups

Recommended level: From Year 7


Nursery school: Free Primary and secondary school: €1.50 by student, except middle schoolers from Indre-et-Loire: Free Workshops: €4 by student (free tour with reservation of a workshop). The price of workshops is capped at 20 students; for more students, another workshop will be billed.


Here are some rules to ensure the best possible conditions for your visits:

  • Each group on a guided tour must not exceed 30 people, including adults.
  • Workshops are done in half-groups (of up to 15 students).
  • The adult chaperones will remain responsible for students in groups during tours and workshops.
  • The Priory’s site is a national heritage site that is open to anyone: simply show respect for the architectural remains, the plants and the furniture so they can continue to be shared with future générations.
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