Exhibitions and events

May 9th -
September 20th

Contemporary art exhibition

Exhibition Natalia Jaime-Cortez

9 May - 20 September

After two months of residence at the Priory, Natalia Jaime-Cortez… comes to "inhabit the place" of its papers and its colors. Two artist's performances: the 21 June and September 20.

Learn more about the artist HERE

Within the framework of ACT(E)S, a contemporary creation course organised by Touraine the Department

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“Petit Pierre’s tour” (ages 8 and up)

NB: This experience is only available in French. 

A tour to share with the whole family!

Saint Cosme Priory offers a tour for young visitors in the form of a treasure hunt to do as a family. On the last page of each book on the stands, kids accompanied by adults are invited to read a poem by Ronsard concerning an animal, then solve riddles by Petit Pierre writing their answers on the page of the guide provided for that purpose.

The answers are hidden somewhere in the poet’s house...


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