Prieuré Saint-Cosme was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ in 2017. It is the only government approval awarded to tourism professionals for the standard of their visitor experience and facilities.

The attraction has signed the Môm'Art charter and is committed to providing a quality service to children and their families.

Languages spoken at reception: French and English

On-site facilities 

  • Free bike and car park

Gift shop and book shop

Picnic area

Hot and cold drinks available to buy

Restaurants and shops near La Riche and Tours

There are deckchairs for visitors to use within the priory in spring and summer.


Accueil Vélo guarantees cyclists are catered for:

Within 5km of a bike path

Bike-friendly facilities: secure bike shelter, repairs kit




a monument for everyone

Prieuré Saint-Cosme has been approved by Tourisme et Handicap as disabled-friendly for all 4 disabilities since 2021.

  • 3 disabled parking spaces near the monument entrance
  • The reception building and grounds are open to everyone.
  • Disabled toilets
  • Wheelchair users can access the ground floor at the Priory of Ronsard. You can listen to content and see the upper floors on your smartphone using the QR code provided at reception.
  • To visit inside the priory, partially sighted visitors must be accompanied or can request and book a tour with a cultural guide as the door heights and old stairs can be hazardous.

For further information: please contact Florence Caillet, "accessibility" manager at Prieuré Saint-Cosme, Ronsard's House, on +33 2 47 37 32 70 or demeureronsard@departement-touraine.fr





FOR DISABLE visitors

  • 3 disabled parking spaces near the monument entrance
  • Disabled-friendly visitor trail exc. upper floors. QR Code provided at reception to see the upper floors and listen to audio content.
  • Manual wheelchair available on request at reception


  • Accessible guided tours available to book.
  • Tactile and braille map of the buildings and grounds
  • Large font tour booklet available


  • A hearing aid system is available at reception/ticket office throughout the interior (exc. the refectory) and on the outdoor audio stands.
  • Accessible guided tours available to book with magnetic loop (position T)

FOR VISITORS with learning disabilities

  • Accessible guided tours available to book.
  • Easy read booklet available in French at reception.