New gardens, new spirit

The new gardens are the result of contemporary art that allow the public to rediscover the priory in its original environmental setting - that of an island of the Loire - and offer visitors a unique tour combining ornamental gardens with an active discovery of 12 themed area.

Often useful, like the monk's vegetable garden, orchard-flower garden planted with 65 different types of ancient fruit trees and herb gardens, the gardens are also tied to the site's symbolic importance with the cloister garden and the creation of an ornamental bowl in the washbasin, the religious cemetery full of beautiful bay trees and the square in front of the church planted with 12 fig trees. The garden of aromatic plants coming from different lands, rose-covered trellises, Ronsard's vegetable garden and his "exotic" vegetables, the woodland scene and promenade offer a more secular setting. In total, nearly 2 hectares of gardens encourage visitors to walk around.

Raw materials with beautiful long lines (oxidized metal, acacia, chestnut, clay pots, shards of terracotta, sand, etc.) are used mark off certain areas, create decking and build other structures for plants, contrasting with the ancient plants.

The entire garden is accessible to people with reduced mobility and offers a variety of paths following the footprints of the monastery's buildings and former pathways.

Finally, the walls of the buildings uncovered by the excavations have been restored; an ossuary in the church's attic was created to accommodate the remains of the 420 unearthed tombs. Special lighting highlights the architecture of the buildings.

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